Quality Guidelines

Quality Guidelines and Certificates

Eckerle stands for quality in all products and services.

Quality Guidelines

At Eckerle, quality consciousness takes the top priority. We provide our customers with high-quality products and high-quality, demanding services.

  1. The satisfaction of our customers is the key to success
    Therefore, we want to deliver quality as it is desired by the customer, on time and at competitive prices. The same holds true for our suppliers.
  2. The customer sets the benchmark for our quality
    This is our focus. Compliance is our ultimate objective, because it also determines the development of our company.
  3. “Zero fault rate”
    This helps us optimise our costs and make our business profitable. Every employee benefits from this through participation in the operating results.
  4. Punctuality
    We meet the agreed deadlines. Inquiries, offers, requests for samples and complaints are processed promptly and with care.
  5. Employee responsibility
    Every employee is a part of the whole and thus contributes to the achievement of the quality objectives, no matter which position he holds in the company. If he recognises a risk in regard to quality, he avoids it within his powers, otherwise, he shares it immediately with the next superior authority.
  6. Fault prevention instead of fault elimination
    To ensure that faults do not occur at all, we consistently undertake tried-and-tested measures for their prevention and detection.
  7. Quality – an important executive function
    It is realised by the company’s management by setting goals with the employees. Thus, it becomes measurable and significantly influences the individual performance appraisals.
  8. Only with good suppliers can we be good
    Our suppliers too have to meet our quality requirements, because we can only meet the customer objectives if they deliver great quality.
  9. We feel greatly indebted to the environment and society 
    We ensure a careful use of energy and raw materials and are involved beyond the operational needs.
  10. We consider our quality guidelines as binding
    All employees are obliged to follow the quality guidelines.


At you request we send you our valid certificates: