Safety at work

The Eckerle Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment to its employees and all parties, whose interests are affected by our company. We consider safety at work as an important company value which must be incorporated into all aspects of our activities.

Effective work and health management

We integrate the occupational safety and health objectives into all levels of our business activities. The management and all executives are responsible for the prevention of injuries and occupational illnesses. We regularly assess the enterprise-wide implementation of the guidelines and the success of our management system.

Safe and healthy workplaces

Every single employee can expect a workplace that promotes safety and health. While designing workplaces and work processes, we take into account the latest research findings. We attach great importance to the ergonomic design of workplaces.

Conscientious employees

All employees are expected to contribute visibly and actively towards the continuous improvement of our performance in occupational safety. We act responsibly according to our own regulations that often extend beyond the legal provisions. Through regular information, training and further education, we encourage the expertise and awareness of our employees for workplace safety in all areas of the company.

Preventive measures

In respect to workplace safety, we strive to achieve our goal of zero accidents or occupational illnesses. 

Achieving this goal is a crucial factor on our way to an outstanding business performance. We protect our employees from health hazards through comprehensive preventive measures. We provide a comprehensive and effective emergency supply at all sites.


Safety at Work