We ensure that your stamped parts bear the stamp of quality.

With a production capacity of between 1000 and well over 10 million parts per year, we manufacture conductor tracks, busbars, stamped grids, and charcoal boxes in various designs for our customers.

Our team of engineers is available at any time to assist you with:

  • Product and process development, taking into account cost optimization
  • Price quotations for punching parts and tools
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for stamped parts
  • Development of strip layouts
  • CAD design of punching tools (pre-punching tools, bending/separating tools, follow-up tools)

Our competencies in stamping technology:

  • Production of the stamped parts with automated stamping machines (high-speed presses)
  • Production of stamped grids for further processing in-house
  • Punching of Christmas tree geometries, pin geometries, and welding forks
  • Processing of different materials: brass, bronze, and steel strips in material thicknesses of 0.3–1.2 mm
  • In-house tool shop for the production of punching tools as well as for maintenance and repairs

Contact us

Eckerle Holding GmbH

Industriestraße 15 Ottersweier Germany

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