Compliance with laws and internal regulations is of high priority for Eckerle. Adherence to these, as well as responsible social behavior, forms the basis of our reputation and sustainable business success, among other things.

Misconduct must, therefore, be detected early. In order to investigate severe violations for the company, its employees and other people in a fair and appropriate manner, we set up our Whistleblower System in 2023.

The Whistleblower System enables employees and external whistleblowers without disclosing their identity to report violations anywhere in the world. This way, Eckerle learns about potential risks, can prevent damage to the corporation, its employees and third parties as well as protect individuals who might be harmed by misconduct.

Rule violations posing high risks include, for example, offenses relating to corruption, breaches of antitrust law and violations of anti-money laundering regulations, as well as violations of binding technical provisions or violations in connection with environmental regulations. Personal matters, such as incidents of sexual harassment or human rights violations, are also considered high-risk rule violations.

Eckerle encourages all individuals within and outside the company to openly express concerns about violations related to our company without fear of reprisals.

If you have specific information about violations related to the business activities of the Eckerle Group, you may also use the Eckerle Group’s whistleblower system anonymously if desired.

You can access our whistleblower here!