Our environmental guidelines:

Respect for the environment

We are a part of the environment. Therefore, it is in our own interest to treat the environment with care.


“There is no lesser responsibility: everyone – at whatever level – carries full responsibility for whatever he does.”
Edouard Michelin, 1996

It is the responsibility of all employees to prevent hazards to humans and the environment, and to strictly adhere to the laws and regulations related to the occupational, health and environment safety.

It is also the responsibility of the management to identify hazards, assess them and take appropriate action.


We design our processes to ensure efficiency, while at the same time, health and safety take precedence and the negative impacts on the environment are minimised.

We continually improve the products and processes in CIP teams, taking into account the economic efficiency and environmental compatibility.


We are committed to treating natural resources, materials and energy with care.

Where environmental pollution cannot be avoided, we reduce it according to common, state-of-the-art technology. 

Prevention, reduction and recycling take precedence over waste disposal.

The products and production processes are designed with these key factors in mind.


At you request we send you our valid certificates: