Environment and energy


Environment and energy are important parts of our thoughts and actions. We feel committed to the laws and social standards and all contribute to fulfilling them. The preservation of an environment worth living is an essential concern and an ongoing task for us. In addition, the further strengthening of our locations is particularly important to us, as Eckerle Group.

“There is no such thing as a small responsibility: everyone – at his own level – takes full responsibility for what he does.”
Edouard Michelin, 1996

Whether in our ethics or guidelines, we take responsibility for what we do.


Operational environmental management is a fixed component of our company policy. Our environmental strategy aims to continuously reduce energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste in our own operations, while simultaneously increasing the recovery quota for operational waste.


Eckerle’s energy policy is a key factor in our environmental policy. We commit ourselves to continually improve our energy related performance and to systematically increase our energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process. The efficient use of energy is our top priority.
Wherever is possible: we generate our own energy with our photovoltaic panels, we use thermal heating and we increased the proportion of electrically vehicles and machines, which reduces our annual CO2 emissions.

In the course of the energy management system:
– We monitor our energy consumption. Energy saving measures are implemented wherever there are opportunities for influence.
– We fulfill all legal obligations and other energy-relevant requirements.
– We are committed to CO2-neutral energy generation and consumption in all our operations (Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2-Emissions).
– We establish a framework to achieve our strategic and operative energy goals.
– We run projects and programs to increase energy efficiency with our GoZero initiative.
– We regularly and systematically assess our energy efficiency, our energy demand and our energy use.
– We check, measure and assess our results through audits and continuously improve our energy related systems.
– We include our partners, suppliers, service providers and external companies in activities concerning energy efficiency.
– For investments, we consider the lifetime impact already in the purchasing process.
– We inform, train and encourage our employees to behave energy-consciously.
– We assess and observe energy aspects in our technical standards (e.g. technical modifications) as well as in business and strategic processes.

All persons working for and on behalf of our company are obliged to follow these guidelines and are encouraged to cooperate actively for the fulfillment of our ambitious objectives and targets.


Eckerle Group, as part of the Prettl Group since February 2020, has set a new goal: climate neutrality by 2025. With this goal, Eckerle Group wants to contribute to a sustainable future, so that a high quality of life is ensured in the future, which does not come at the expense of the environment.

Eckerle energy policy is a key factor in our environmental policy. Here we see not only the end result, but energy as a whole. Energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency are the main players.

Our goal is to reduce the CO2 share by 20% in the Prettl Group by 2025 with the involvement of interested parties.


We start where environmental impact happens. Already when co-developing products with our customers and choosing our suppliers, we make sure that they follow equivalent environmental guidelines as we do. During production, priority is given not only to the health and safety of our employees but also to avoid negative impacts on the environment. To generate little waste, wastewater, noise, and other emissions, we proactively seek solutions to reduce them.


We are committed to complying with legal requirements and official rules and working cooperatively with the relevant bodies and institutes. We consider these requirements and rules the minimum necessary to use natural resources, materials, and energy sparingly. We represent this mission statement publicly and maintain an open dialog with all stakeholders including: neighbours, customers, employees, and authorities.


Environment and Energy