Environment and energy

“There is no such thing as a small responsibility: everyone – at his own level – takes full responsibility for what he does.”
Edouard Michelin, 1996

Whether in our ethics or guidelines, we take responsibility for what we do.

Respect for the environment

We are part of the environment. Therefore, it is in our interest to use natural resources with care.

Sustainable production cycle

We start where environmental impact happens. Already when choosing our suppliers, we make sure that they follow equivalent environmental guidelines as we do. During production, priority is given not only to the health and safety of our employees but also to avoid negative impacts on the environment. To generate little waste, wastewater, noise, and other emissions, we proactively seek solutions to reduce them.

Acting responsibly

Our management works hand in hand with all employees to continuously improve our environmental and energy-relevant processes and products, taking economic efficiency and ecological compatibility into account. Our employees are made aware of these issues through information, regular training, and continuous education are significantly involved in the processes.

Forward-looking commitment

We are committed to complying with legal requirements and official rules and working cooperatively with the relevant bodies and institutes. We consider these requirements and rules the minimum necessary to use natural resources, materials, and energy sparingly.

We represent this mission statement publicly and maintain an open dialog with neighbors, customers, employees, and authorities.


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