The New Location in India

Eckerle Automotive GmbH entered the Indian market by seizing its first business opportunities. Our new project is related to the production of the switch and contact unit for the electric drive of eScooter Vida.

The available business opportunity represents Eckerle’s entry into the Indian market, leading to the establishment of our Indian subsidiary. Eckerle Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in April 2023, with its headquarters in Pune. Due to the scale of the Indian business sector, our company initially operated as a trading company. For the production and to build up and extend our market activities, we entrusted PReBO Automotive Pvt. Ltd., as a component partner within the framework of the Prettl corporate group with the task.

The design and construction of the machine required for component manufacturing were implemented in collaboration with Eckerle Industrie GmbH. After the commissioning in Germany, the equipment was relocated to India at PreBo’s Indian site. An interdisciplinary and intercultural team consisting of employees from Eckerle Automotive, Eckerle Industrie, and PreBo, worked on installing the assembly line and the associated injection molding machine. Thanks to the participating companies’ exceptional collaboration, the production line’s relocation was successful at the end of 2023.

We are putting all efforts into conducting a successful series launch in early February 2024 while simultaneously aiming for the continuous expansion of our business opportunities in India.

This project demonstrates the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and possibilities within the Prettl Group and illustrates what is possible when recognizing and leveraging these synergies. For a successful presence in the Indian market is crucial to leverage the experience of local companies, the application of synergy effects, and the gradual expansion in the business sector.

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2024. June 18.


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The First ISO 50001 Certificates of Eckerle

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2024. March 22.