The First ISO 50001 Certificates of Eckerle

We are proud to announce that our Hungarian sites in Bóly and Kiskőrös became the first plants in the Eckerle Group to comply with ISO50001 standards. Audits took place in the first days of February in our three companies: Eckerle Automotive Bóly Kft., Eckerle Industrie Kft, and Eckerle Automotive Kft. Certificates arrived from our auditing company in the middle of March and are now available on our website.

The globally recognized Energy Management System (EnMS) outlines our efforts, shows our commitment, and supports our efficient energy usage and CO2 pollution reduction objectives. With the help of the new EnMS, we can save energy, improve energy utilization, and minimize emissions. We also increase the usage of green electricity to achieve carbon neutrality on a more conscious level.

“The efficient use of energy is our top priority, and we expect nothing less from ourselves and our partners. When co-developing products with our customers and choosing suppliers, we request that they follow our equivalent environmental guidelines. During production, our employees’ health and safety are of utmost importance. Still, we also demand that environmental negative impacts be avoided. We proactively seek solutions to reduce waste, wastewater, noise, and other emissions to generate as little environmental harm as possible. We take pride in our sustainable and responsible business practices and will continue to push ourselves and our partners to ensure that we meet our energy efficiency goals,” says Andreas Goehring, CEO of the Eckerle Group.

We are proud of our team, who contributed to the successful implementation of the new guideline.

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