The New Accredited Calibration Laboratory of Eckerle

We proudly announce that due to nearly two years of hard work, Eckerle Industrie Kft has run an accredited calibration laboratory since October 2023. Our company undertakes the calibration of press force meters in the Hungarian and Romanian markets within the range of 0.1 kN to 300 kN. We continue to offer condition assessment, primary setup, software updates, and maintenance as per our usual practice.

The process of our lab accreditation resulted from the combined impact of several factors. As a practice of the past months, our partners increasingly mandated the review of press forces in their production by accredited calibration laboratories during their quality assurance audits. Internally, expanding our service spectrum for our customers was equally essential. We wanted to ensure that the customer support process encompasses not only technical consultations with sales but also overarches the entire lifespan of the presses.

After months of concerted effort by our team, we obtained the Accreditation Certificate from the National Accreditation Authority. Colleagues of the Quality Department, Services, Sales, and our internal auditors were involved in this joint project. To ensure a successful audit process, we took several steps:

  • We completed training for metrologists, laboratory managers, and internal auditors.
  • We upgraded our force measurement tools and acquired new force measuring cells calibrated in an accredited laboratory.
  • We conducted international comparative measurements at the Schmidt Technology calibration laboratory in Germany at the manufacturer’s press machine site.
  • We prepared our quality manual, integrating it into our existing system.
  • We developed our calibration procedures.
  • We prepared calibration reports and certificates.

After the accreditation process, appointed experts examined and evaluated the steps taken. They conducted an on-site inspection to verify our suitability and compliance with standards. Consequently, they recommended the award of accredited status, ensuring that our laboratory’s operation complies with the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standards requirements.

Congratulations to the team on this achievement, and we wish them every success in the long term as well as the successful operation of the laboratory.

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