Sports Day in Romania

Our dedicated Romanian team at Eckerle, located in Cluj-Napoca, organized a sports day recently on the 27th of May in Baza, Transilvania. This annual event aims to promote sports activities, team cohesion, and camaraderie among all Eckerle employees from our factories in Cluj, Turda. This year we also invited our fellow workers from the plant Satrotec in Alba Iulia to this sportive occasion.

During the sports day, five football teams composed of our colleagues competed for the Eckerle Winners Cup. Additionally, we arranged tennis and other sports competitions, providing opportunities for our co-workers to bond outside of work. To make it a family-friendly affair, we also extended the invitation to the families of our team members, who participated and enjoyed the sports, nature, traditional food, cotton candy, and children’s slides.

We are happy to have convinced ourselves this year, once again, that the entire Eckerle team is a winner! The event also served as a reminder of the talent and dedication within our Eckerle team. We take pride in having a group of the best professionals who value a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It was a day filled with fun and a celebration of our unity.

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