Internships at Eckerle’s Machining and Execution Hall

Eckerle will offer 13 pupils and students internships in the machining and execution hall in Kiskőrös Hungary, this summer. Three of them chose the company as an internship, five as a summer internship, and five students from the technical faculty came to the company through the student cooperative.

During the practical period and summer holidays, the pupils and students learn the basics of the technology of the metal industry and are involved in production preparation, processing, and packaging. They have a mentor to help them navigate and whom they can turn to with their comments and technical questions. At Eckerle, Imre Madácsi supports the youngest as a CNC milling cutter and practical trainer and is in constant contact with vocational training centers. “We are happy to see the age group between 16 and 24 years in the hall. The past few years’ experiences show that the new generation is enthusiastic, motivated, and open to the professions of the metal industry. There is no doubt: that it is impossible to learn a profession in such a short period. However, the time with us is suitable for gaining an insight into an industrial environment. Therefore we strongly encourage students to make internships and to gain professional experience before choosing a career,” says György Rausch, Head of Machining and Managing Director at Eckerle Industrie.

Students who are interested in automation and machining, who would like to learn more, and who may also want to participate actively can apply for an internship at the following address:

Imre Madácsi
CNC-Cutter and Instructor
Telefon: +36.78.511.446
Mobil: +36.30.542.6477

Eckerle Industrie Kft.
6200 Kiskőrös,
Dózsa György út 44.

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