Eckerle Became Eastern European Service Center For Presses

Eckerle Industrie Kft. has more than 20 years of experience in press consulting. As a result of long-term collaboration, the cooperation between Eckerle Industrie Kft. and Schmidt Technology GmbH reached another milestone this year: from 2022, Eckerle became a qualified service partner of Schmidt Technology GmbH, which it extends to its neighboring countries.

The name SCHMIDT Technology GmbH may be known in several places. The company was founded in 1938 in the Black Forest of St. Georgen, that region is famous for its cuckoo clocks to this day. The founding of the Schmidt company is related to the manufacturing of watches, which at the time produced and supplied precision parts. As a result of a conscious business policy in the 1950s, Schmidt switched to stationery technology and is to this day a supplier of stationery Parker. During the structural transformation of the 1960s, Schmidt began manufacturing self-developed machines, which established the presence of the later press brand in the market.

The Eckerle Group’s Kiskőrös site has dealt exclusively with the industrial trade of SCHMIDT Technology GmbH’s industrial presses in Hungary since 1997. The more than two decades of sales experience are not just titular. Imre Molnár, a regional business development representative at Eckerle Industrie Kft. worked with Schmidt’s presses and their development for over 22 years at Eckerle. Eckerle integrates presses into stand-alone workstations and complex structures on demand, which can be combined with assembly technology. Press users can find All types of presses at the Kiskőrös site, such as manual, pneumatic, hydropneumatic, electric, and servo presses.

From May 2022, Eckerle became Schmidt’s official Eastern European service partner. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of the Hungarian Schmidt network is that it is the only press service in Hungary outside Germany. In the event of maintenance or breakdowns, customers can count on immediate assistance. This year the number of Eckerle’s service team also increased significantly. Our expert staff participated in continuous training from the end of 2021, during which they mastered all aspects of press failure. Thus, it is possible to repair presses outside the German center also in the Eastern European Region, performed by co-workers of Eckerle-Industrie Kft.

Dénes Marosi, Sales Manager, said: ‘We have a special relationship with our German SCHMIDT Technology colleagues. Regarding press sales, we are at the top of our sales lists every year with our trading partner in Central and Eastern Europe, even though our long-cherished dream is coming true.’

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