Business Marathon in Cluj

This autumn, the Eckerle team from Cluj-Napoca hosted the event called the “Business Marathon”. A total of six companies from both Cluj-Napoca and Zalău had the honor of being the venue for this event series in the region during October. Among them was Eckerle.

The organizers of the „Business Marathon” were the French Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Romania (CCIFER), along with the Cluj Francophone Business Club (CFAC). The event was supported by the Consulate of France in Constanța and the Romanian Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACAROM).

The “Business Marathons” aim to strengthen the cooperation between businesses, local authorities, and the academic environment. The meetings are organized around themes such as development projects, infrastructure, investments, and financing from the perspective of competitiveness and development of the region. The role of the October event was to showcase the expertise of foreign-owned companies operating at the regional level, their best industry practices, as well as existing collaborations and business opportunities.

At Eckerle, we hosted approximately fifty guests, including members of CCIFER, CFAC, and ACAROM’s management, representatives from the Consulate of France in Constanța, our strategic partners, CEOs, and directors from companies in the region, as well as representatives from banking and scientific circles in Cluj. During the two-hour visit, the general director Andrei Trombitas, presented the history and activities of Eckerle, while Gabriel Urian, the technical director, spoke about our development and automation projects. Following the presentations, the entire management team accompanied the participants to visit the production area, allowing our guests to address questions about the company’s activities and plans.

The event concluded with a networking evening involving members of the Franco-Romanian business community, attended by our team members from the management. The following day, as a continuation of the “Business Marathon” in Zalău, our colleagues engaged with representatives from local companies, visiting three factories and learning about their technological specifics.

We are glad that we took part in this event where we could show that we are a competitive company with a team-oriented towards results and performance! Once again, we stood out for the ambition and determination with which we embrace each process we engage in. The originality with which we develop each technological process—the passion we give to the activities we carry out. And the good results make us one of the top employers at the local level.

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