Brose Supplier Recognition 2023

We are incredibly proud to announce that Eckerle Holding has received recognition from our client, Brose, as a supplier. Our customer presented a certificate while visiting the Brose site in Bamberg. Eckerle earned the award for ensuring a smooth supply chain by responding to unusual circumstances.

In the context of the tensions which started in Ukraine at the beginning of 2022, our company in Romania received from our customer Brose the request to provide support to take over the production volumes of the affected competitor in Ukraine.

As in other similar situations, our team took this initiative with interest and enthusiasm, creating in a very short time an effective work plan that generated immediate results. Our experience so far has shown us that good organization, and constant communication, together with determination, ambition, perseverance, enthusiasm, and the desire always to deliver the best results and solutions, are the elements that ensure the success of every project in which we have involved, no matter how challenging they were.

Therefore, immediately after receiving the request from the customer, our team organized work meetings in which:

  • We established an aggressive recruitment and selection plan through which we hired operators for the two groups that we needed in a very short time to be able to start the project;
  • We created an effective induction plan for the new employees so that they could produce as quickly as possible, both quantitatively and qualitatively;
  • From a technical point of view, we adapted the production line to be functional at its optimal parameters;
  • We went efficiently and quickly with the customer through the ramp-up process and the PPAP release.

Through all these steps, we produced and delivered the necessary quantities to the customer on time, supporting them to continue their activity without any interruption and without affecting the other processes in our factories. We are pleased that together with our team, we contributed to achieving the objectives of interest for the entire Group of which we are part, being able to support our customers. We will continue to be open to new projects that await us, having the conviction that we will offer, as until now, the best results!

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